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Twin Souls Merging


Twin Souls Merging

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Book Description

On June 16, 1959, when Jean Cline was 13 years old, the spirit of George Reeves came to her. Thatís what she told Gary Duncan when she came to his office in the spring of 1996.

Gary, who at the time was a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor holding a degree in psychology and a masters degree in counseling, immediately suspected psychosis or Dissociative Identity Disorder.

He would spend the next several months trying to unravel Jeanís delusional system in a compassionate attempt to help her. But something peculiar happened. The more Gary tried to unravel Jeanís ďdelusions,Ē the more his own hypotheses unraveled. The more he attempted to explain her case using traditional clinical approaches, the more inexplicable things became. At times, Gary even doubted his own senses. Was that Georgeís voice he heard? Did that glow around Jean really take on the image of an actor Gary never even liked?

In an ultimate ploy to unravel Jeanís delusional system, he indulged her on a trip to Jim Hambrickís Super Museum in Metropolis, IL. But by the end of that weekend, Jean had stunned yet another professional.

Travel with Jean and Gary as they tell the story of how a highly educated and well respected therapist ran out of clinical explanations and eventually came to believe that George Reeves and Jean Cline are Twin Souls Merging.



"I was enraged by the episode and compelled to bring it up. I asked, 'I know you pulled the trigger, but who put the bullets in the gun?' 'Eddy's guy,' he replied without missing a beat."

"I felt very peaceful as George Reeves and I immersed into an experience of oneness, a feeling of connection to the All."

"George explained that when he was murdered in 1959 his soul separated from his physical body, went toward the light and connected with his spirit guide. He asked his spirit guide to find the other half of his soul. George’s spirit guide took him to Jean. At the time, Jean was a thirteen-year-old girl . . ."

"I asked Jean why she wanted me to meet her at my office on that date. She indicated George had informed her something very profound was going to happen and we needed to be together to experience it."

"I opened my eyes, Gary looked stunned. He said he felt a strong energy emanating from me. He saw a physical manifestation around my head . . ."

"I felt Jean’s delusions around George Reeves would begin to crumble under the pressure and condemnation Jim Hambrick was leveling at her."

"The blood drained from Jim’s face. He got off the stool and told us to wait a minute . . ."

"I laid in bed, my mind racing. I got up, walked around the room feeling confused, unsettled and antsy. I was baffled over what I had just witnessed and felt my assumptions, hypotheses, and theories about George Reeves were crumbing before my eyes."

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Twin Souls Merging
George Reeves and Jean Cline
A Psychological and Spiritual Journey

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